Character Guide - Rebecca 'Becky' Donaldson-Katsopolis

Name:Rebecca 'Becky' Katsopolis-Donaldson
Actor:Lori Loughlin
Full Name:Rebecca Donaldson
Born:In Valentine, Nebraska
Parents:Keith Donaldson (father)
Nedrah Donaldson (mother)
Husband:Jesse Katsopolis
Children:Nicky Katsopolis (son, part of twins)
Alex Katsopolis (son, part of twins)
Siblings:Corkey Donaldson (brother)
Connie Donaldson (sister)
3 other brothers
Other Family:Danny Tanner (brother-in-law)
DJ Tanner (Niece)
Stephanie Tanner (Niece)
Michelle Tanner (Niece)
Howie (Nephew)Dick Donaldson (cousin)
Donna Donaldson (Dick's wife)
Debbie & Darla Donaldson (Dick's twin daughters)
Friends:Joey Gladstone
Education:She went to an all-girls school.
Work:* She's a co-host on Wake Up San Francisco
* Later she also becomes producer of W.U.S.F.
* Sometimes she helps out in the Smash Club
Interests:* Horses
* White Christmas
* Nebraska
Other facts:* Sometimes she is like a stand-in mother for Danny's daughters when they need one
* Her parents had a farm and she had her own cow, called Janice
* Before she moved to San Francisco, she hosted a talkshow called 'A.M Omaha'
* Her favorite professor was Erik Trent
* She had her first kiss during a school picnic, with Jimmy Stone, after they won the three-leg race.
* Because she went to an all-girls school, she had to play Romeo in the school play.