Fan Fiction

Last updated: April 11, 2013

Although Full House ended in 1995, there are still many untold stories. Some fans of the show write their own stories about the characters of Full House, either continuing the story universe from TV or the one created in the Full House book series.

Several authors share their Full House fan fiction on this website. If you'd like to use any story on another website, read our copyright Information first and ask the respective author(s) for permission. Please note that none of these stories have ever been broadcasted, and they probably won't be on TV either.

If you have written Full House fan fiction yourself and you want to share it on this website, you can use the Contact form.

Last new fan fiction by Martin van Dam:
Added: November 17, 2013

(9.09) 201 * Gather Round The Tanner Tree
The family celebrates Christmas at Lake Tahoe. The guys go out to cut a Christmas tree. Stephanie and Kimmy are forced to reflect on the way they look at each other.

Last new fan fiction by Doug Fowler:
Added: August 14, 2012

Beautiful on the Inside / Queen of the Riled
A little kids' pageant doesn't interest Stephanie till Jesse and Joey's client dismisses her friend's chances of winning. Suddenly, using lessons from the Duckface episode Steph is determined to win so, as Queen, she can put this other girl in the spotlight. Takes place late season 3.
TV Universe