About Full House Forever

Last update: January 11, 2014

Welcome to Full House Forever

Full House Forever is a fan site for the popular TV series Full House. The website was created by Martin van Dam, a Dutch fan of the show, on January 2, 1999. The name of the website is a combination of the title of the show and the song "Forever", performed by one of the main characters, Jesse (John Stamos). Full House Forever is also meant as a statement that although the series ended back in 1995, Full House will live on in the hearts of many fans forever. And the spirit of the show is kept alive by the growing amount of fan fictional stories that people write.

The first version of the website was created on Geocities, but was soon replaced by a custom html website on Xoom.com. During the years, the lay out and the hosting provider have changed several times. The last big change to the lay out took place in April 2013, when the site was rewritten completely and the use of framesets was (finally) abandoned.

Soon after the website was launched, more sections were added, like the Character Guide, containing information on the characters of Full House, that Martin wrote and Pam's Corner, a section dedicated to Pam Tanner, including fan written highlights from her diary. Another important addition to the site and the entire Full House community, were of course the Full House scripts.

Around 2007, the amount of sections on the website got cut down and the focus changed somewhat to being more informative than entertaining. The audio files and the pictures disappeared, as they used a lot of valuable bandwidth, and the lay out was changed once more.

And then there was silence… it started after the updates on March 04, 2007 and lasted almost 5 years. In this period there were no updates on the site, as the owner was busy with other projects, like writing books (that were never published so far), other websites and things like work and other interests. In this period, there was a significant decrease in the amount of visitors of the website.

The future of the site, starting in 2012

February 2012 was a turning point and Full House Forever woke up from its sleep that lasted for almost five years. After rewatching the show, Martin made a new plan for the website. Noticing that many of the great websites from the past had gone offline or were abandoned and/or not fully functional anymore, he decided that there was only one thing he could do: make sure the spirit of the show and all the information that used to be online, would be available for everyone for the years to come.

So on February 11, 2012, the site got a slightly new look and some new updates, like bringing the pictures back to the website and removing a lot of dead links from the links section. The following weeks more updates followed, like adding more scripts and finally on April 1, 2012, there was a whole new lay out for the website. Exactly 1 year after this major change to the looks of the site, the site got revamped once again, finally losing its frame structure and having some more integration of social media. This included adding a Twitter Account and later on also a Facebook page.

For over 13 years, the site had been free to use and there were no advertisements on the website. Until then, Martin paid for hosting the site himself. In order to secure the future of Full House Forever, in July 2012 advertisements were added to the website.

After the resurrection of Full House Forever, it soon became clear that it's the largest active Full House fan site, sharing more information on the show than any other Full House site. It will continue to provide you with all information on Full House and news about the former cast members and it will probably be expanded as well. BecauseFull House will live on in our hearts Forever!