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Last updated: January 11, 2014

Is this an official FH site?
No, this is not the official Full House website. FHF is just a Full House fansite, like many others on the net. Neither the site or the webmaster is, or has ever been, connected with Full House or it's crew. Also, the webmaster is not in any position to bring Full House back to tv anywhere! And believe me, if I could, I would!

More information about Full House Forever van be found on the page About Full House Forever.

How can I contact the actors?
The webmaster of this site doesn't hold any e-mail addresses or other contact information, so he's unable to help you. Also, e-mails addressed to the stars will not be read by the stars if you send them to the webmaster.

Nowadays you can find several of the former Full House cast on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Will there ever be a reunion show?
Maybe there will be one some day, who knows! One person who doesn't know is the webmaster of this site, but if any information is available, it will be on FHF. Although the webmaster would support a reunion show, he's in no position to get a reunion show done, it's up to other people in the tv business.
I have my own website, what can I use from this one?
A lot of information and, for instance, images, are copyrighted. Even though the webmaster of this site doesn't hold any copyrights to the actual series, he does put time and effort in maintaining the site.

If you want to use anything from FHF, please contact the webmaster. No permission will be given if no adequate credits are granted on the site you want to use it for.

Why are there ads on this website?
For 13 years, I have kept this website free of advertising. Full House Forever is, like my other websites, a hobby. There are ads on almost every site on the web, so after giving it a lot of thought, I decided it's fair to add some advertising to this site as well.
I have disabled a lot of sensitive ad categories, because they don't really fit the spirit of Full House. If you find any banners that you think are not suitable for this website, please take a screenshot and e-mail it to me.

There's also some links and banners to By joining their affiliate program, I want to offer you some extra content and an easy way to find Full House merchandise.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the advertisements on this website, please let me know. Also, if you are interested in adding some advertisements of your own to this website, feel free to contact me.

To contact the webmaster, you can click the Contact link, either in the menu or in this text.

Both FHF and it's webmaster are subject to Dutch and European law and regulations. This includes copyright and database rules.
According to these laws and regulations, no distribution of copyrighted material is allowed without written consent of the copyight holder.

Warner Bros. holds the rights to the show.
Most of the information on this site is collected from other sources like IMDB, Wikipedia and other fansites. The images you find on the site are screenshots taken from the show and the scripts are made by writing down what happens and is being said on the actual episodes of the show.
The following original content is copyrighted by the webmaster of Full House Forever:

  1. The Fan Fics, written by Martin van Dam
  2. The Lay-out and scripts of the site
  3. The domainname
  4. All content of Pam's corner
  5. All quizes and other trivia / fun on the site.
Any contributors to the above content of course also hold copyright to any original content they sumbitted.

As FHF contains a lot of information on Full House, which is presented to the visitors of the site, (parts of) FHF can be defined as a database, to which European database laws apply. According to these laws, the webmaster holds the copyrights to these databases, to which the above also applies.

Privacy Policy
This website and the webmaster do not collect any traceable information about its visitors. Contributors, for example people who sent information to the website, will be mentioned on this site. If for any reason you don't want to be mentioned or you want to be mentioned with an alias, please contact me and I will change it.

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