Pam's Corner

Last updated: March 24, 2013

This section is dedicated to Pam Tanner. Pam, an abbreviation for 'Pamela' was the girl's mother, Danny's wife and Jesse's sister.

She was never actually on Full House. The things we know about her were told by the people living in the Tanner household, Jesse and Danny in particular. One time though, we could all see how she looked like, in Episode #40 (Goodbye, Mr. Bear).

Although she wasn't an onscreen character, she played an important role in the series. Without her dead, Jesse and Joey would never have moved in to help raise the girls, for instance. And missing Pam and dealing with her death was a recurring subject on the show, especially in the first seasons.

Although she was not an active character on the show, there was a big call for more information on her by the fans. That's how I got the idea for this section, dedicated to the woman that was never on the show, but who had a big influence on the lives of the characters of Full House.

Information about Pam is gathered here. You can also enjoy fan-written diary highlights, that give some insight in the live of Pam Tanner and the other characters before Full House.