Character Guide - Danny Tanner

Name:Danny Tanner
Actor:Bob Saget
John Posey in never broadcasted pilot episode
Full Name:Daniel Ernest Tanner
Born:1957 (going by the airdate of episode 12 - The Big Three-0). Danny almost certainly is a capricorn.
Parents:Claire Tanner (mother)
Name father unknown
Wife:Pam Tanner (Died 1987)
Children:DJ Tanner (Daughter)
Stephanie Tanner (Daughter)
Michelle Tanner (Daughter)
Siblings:Wendy Tanner
A brother, name unknown
Other Family:Jesse Katsopolis (brother-in-law)
Nicky Katopolis (Nephew)
Alex Katsopolis (Nephew)
Nick Katsopolis (father-in-law)
Irene Katsopolis (mother-in-law)
Steve Tanner (nephew)
Uncle Fred (mentioned in episode 42 'I'm there for you, babe'.
* A cousin Ed
* His great-great-grandfather was called General Cornwall Tanner
Friends:Joey Gladstone
Rebecca 'Becky' Katsopolis-Donaldson
Vicky Larsson
Education:* After elementary school, he went to 'Golden Bay High'
Work:* He used to be a sportscaster on Channel 6
* Later he gets his own talkshow 'Wake up San Francisco' with Rebecca Donaldson.
Interests:* Cleaning
* He likes order in his life and household
Other facts:* He'd like to stop his daughters growing older.
* He wants them to be his 'little girls' forever.
* His parents are divorced
* He met Pam in 10th grade, where she sat down next to him in geometry class
* His (Tanner family) motto is: Clean is good, dirt is bad
* He met Joey 23-02-1968.
* They made a bond to be soulbrothers and he burried his Giants Cap
* Danny was a high jumper when he was young
* His imaginary friend when he was young was called 'Terry The Talking Washcloth"
* When he was young, he wanted to look like the guy who played the incredible Hulk
* Danny was president of the boys glee club