Character Guide - Jesse Katsopolis

Name:Jesse Katsopolis
Actor:John Stamos
Full Name:Hermes Katsopolis
Parents:Nick Katsopolis (father)
Irene Katsopolis (mother)
Wife:Rebecca 'Becky' Donaldson
Children:Nicky Katsopolis (son, part of twins)
Alex Katsopolis (son, part of twins)
Siblings:Pam Tanner-Katsopolis (sister)
Other Family:Danny Tanner (brother-in-law)
DJ Tanner (Niece)
Stephanie Tanner (Niece)
Michelle Tanner (Niece)
Stavros (cousin)
Papouli (grandfather)
Melina (cousin, he's her godfather)
Friends:Joey Gladstone
Pete (Best friend from the past)
Catchphrase(s):Have Mercy!
Education:* After elementary school, he went to Golden Bay High, where he dropped out in 1980.
* Later he graduates, after following evening class.
Work:* Vermin Desterminator in his father's business
* He had his own advertising business with Joey Gladstone, called 'J&J Creative Services'
* Radio DJ on 'Rush Hour Renegades' with Joey Gladstone
* He writes and performs his own music
* Owner of the Smash Club
Interests:* Elvis
* His motorcycle
* His hair
* Playing his guitar
* Making music
Other facts:* He played in several bands:
- Discipline Problem;
- Feedback;
- Jesse and the Rippers;
- Hot Daddy And The Munkey Puppets
- The Diplomats
* When he was young, he used to be called 'Dr. Dare' by his friends
* His original surename was 'Cochran'. This was changed by request of John Stamos
* Jesse doesn't like sport, he is afraid to fail
* He had a face full of zits in 6th grade
* When he was young, kids used to call him 'Zorba the geek'
* He was in the Glee club from his school when he was young
* His first big love was Carry Fowler. Their song was Muskrat Love
* He calls his comb 'Mr. Good part'
* His favorite color is black
* He was on the glee club at school