Character Guide - Joey Gladstone

Name:Joey Gladstone
Actor:Dave Coulier
Full Name:Joseph Alvin Gladstone
Born:Around 1957/1958
Parents:Mindy Gladstone (mother)
Colonel Gladstone (name unknown)
Wife:Never married
Had several girlfriends
Siblings:None known
Other Family:Uncle Jasper (a children's barber)
Friends:Danny Tanner
Jesse Katsopolis
DJ Tanner
Stephanie Tanner
Michelle Tanner
Rebecca 'Becky' Katsopolis-Donaldson
Nicky Katsopolis
Alex Katsopolis
Wendy Tanner
Catchphrase(s):Cut it out!
Education:* After elementary school, he went to 'Golden Bay High'
Work:* He has his own advertising company, called J&J creative services with Jesse.
* He also works as a stand-up comedian.
* He had his own tv-show, called 'Ranger Joey'.
* He also has a radio program with Jesse, called 'Rush Hour Renegades'
Interests:* Cartoons and comics
* Imitating cartoon figures
* Practical jokes
* Vanilla Weasels
* Ice Hockey
* Practical Jokes
Other facts:* He has a ventriloquism doll, called 'Mr. Woodchuck'. This doll was used for 'Ranger Joe'.
* First he lived in the alcove in the living room, later he moved into the garage and finally into Jesse's room
* His parents are divorced
* He met Danny 23-02-1968.
* They made a bond to be soulbrothers and he burried his very first insults book
* When he was young, Patty Fogethy was the one for him, he even wanted to marry her
* He was the schoolmascotte, Ollie the fighting oister
* He has a teaching certificate
* Joey was called uncle Joey three times by Jesse to the twins in episodes 143, 170 and 184. The girls never called him uncle Joey.