Character Guide - Nick Katsopolis

Name:Nick Katsopolis
Actor:John Aprea
Relation to characters:* Jesse's father
* Pam's father
* Danny's father-in-law
* DJ, Stephanie and Michelle's grandfather
* Becky's father-in-law
* Nicky & Alex grandfather
First appearance:Episode 025 * It's Not My Job
General information:* He likes Elvis, just like Jesse
* Jesse thinks he got his hair from his father
* He pushed Jesse to get Becky as his girlfriend
* He has his own bug desterminator business and he liked Jesse to take this over later
* He has arguments with his wife Irene often, but they always solve them
* He met Irene the day Elvis was drafted
* His Favorite series were the Beverly Hill Billies
* According to him, the Katsopolis men are known for their kissing and their great hair
* He has a bad temper
* His favorite TV show is 'The Beverly Hill Billies'