Character Guide - Pam Tanner

Name:Pam Tanner
Actor:Christie Houser
Relation to characters:* Danny's wife
* Jesse's Sister
* DJ, Stephanie and Michelle's mother
First appearance:Episode 040 * Goodbye, Mr Bear!
General information:* She married Danny when she was young
* Spring 1987, she died in a car accidant, involving a drunk driver
* She gave Stephanie Mr. Bear and DJ a bracelet when she got home after Michelle's birth
* Like DJ, she always wanted to be best in everything
* Like Stephanie, she always got excited over things
* Like Michelle, she had a cute smile
* When she was young, she wanted to teach Jesse to dance, so he had to disco all night.
* She met Danny when she sat next to him at geometry class in 10th grade
* Her motto was: "A smile is for free, so give them away!"
* She was always late, according to Jesse
* She could spend hours in the bathroom
* When Jesse was little, she stuck carrots in his nose
* She was always late