Character Guide - Stephanie Tanner

Name:Stephanie Tanner
Actor:Jodie Sweetin
Full Name:Stephanie Judith Tanner
Born:January 1982
Parents:Danny Tanner (father)
Pam Tanner (died 1987)
Husband:Not Married
Siblings:DJ Tanner (sister)
Michelle Tanner (sister)
Other Family:Jesse Katsopolis (uncle)
Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (aunt)
Nicky Katsopolis (cousin)
Alex Katsopolis (cousin)
Nick Katsopolis (grandfather)
Irene Katsopolis (grandmother)
Claire Tanner (Grandmother)
Wendy Tanner (aunt)
Steve Tanner (cousin)
Friends:Harry Takayama
Gia Mahan
Walter "duckface"
Catchphrase(s):How Rude!
Pin A Rose On Your Nose!
Nobody asked me (during season 1).
Education:* First she went to 'Frasier street elementary school'
* Later to 'Dimaggio Junior high'
Interests:* Mr. Bear
* Dancing
* Reading Dj's diary
* Calling Kimmy Gibbler names
Other facts:* During the entire series she had bangs, except for season 6 and part of season 7.
* Sometimes she is having a hard time being the middle-age daughter
* Mr. Bear is very special to her because she got that from her mother
* First she couldn't stand her later best friend Gia
* Just like her mother she can get very excited about things
* Like her father she can talk for hours
* Sometimes she's a blabber mouth
* Her sign is Capricorn
* She misses her mother often
* First she had to spent her room with DJ, later with Michelle
* She once broke the hoola hoop record from first grade, with 103 hoola's
* She was the second best speller of her class