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Phonecall From A Flamingo

Stephanie is tempted to join a clique of very popular eight grade girls, the Flamingoes. Kathy Santoni's younger sister does the inviting. First, she must complete some seemingly harmless dares. However, what she doesn't know, and is revealed only at the end, is that Kathy Santoni, among others, wants her dad's phone card - the item Stephanie must steal as one of the dares. Kathy's boyfriend suddenly moved to Boston. While we don't know it's because of Kathy's baby, one can easily guess that.

By: Doug Fowler

Rating 10 / 10
This book is out of print, but oh, is it ever good. Just like an episode. We can see Stephanie's feelings and reactions so well. The rest of the characters are also portrayed quite well. D.J. smells trouble, and finally confronts Stephanie about this problem. The author, Devra Newberger Speregen, is the author of many early Stephanie books and of the first two Sisters one. She always does a great job.