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The Boy Oh Boy Next Door

Stephanie's first real crush. While this brings up a continuity problem - i.e. What did she have on Tommy Page in "Crushed" - it's easy to get over. Tommy was not in her realistic range. This boy next door is. He's just moved in, and is a couple years older than Stephanie. Well, Stephanie is too embarrassed to reveal her true feelings, so she writes a short story about the two, thinkly veiling it in a science fiction setting. When her story is good enough to be in the city newspaper as a contest entry winner, she panics.

By: Doug Fowler

Rating 8.5 / 10
As a man, I'm not as into the whole teen crush thing, but this does a good job of portraying that. I knock it down a little because I can't give everything 10s, or you won't know what I really like, plus that continuity bit. The series does get mentioned, but sometimes they're a little looser than they need to be. Like with Danny having a study in the 2nd floor and Joey always living in the basement.