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Twin Troubles

Stephanie tries to babysit Nicky and Alex and has lots of trouble. Making matters worse is she also promised to run the 6th grade fundraiser, and nobody can do anything without her there. Okay, no continuity problem if this takes place before "The Perfect Couple," as Twin Troubles says it's her first job babysitting, and that episode doesn't. (A speech in the episode, in fact, makes one think she's learned her lesson from here. "Tonight, I am not your cousin, and I am not your sister. I am your babysitter. You will find me tough, but fair," she says.

By: Doug Fowler

Rating 10 / 10
A really good book, great use of Nicky and Alex, and as usual, Stephanie tries to do too much. This will become almost as recurring a theme as the battles with Flamingoes, and fits her character well, as during the series she often got in trouble by acting (or talking) first and thinking later.