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Hip Hop Till You Drop

Battle between the Flamingoes and Stephanie and her friends to win a school talent show. Stephanie gets so aggravated at the Flamingoes that she gets desparate to beat them, and winds up even starting to sound like them. Finally, Allie helps her calm down and realize what she's doing, and they go out and win.

By: Doug Fowler

Rating 7.5 / 10
parts of this book were great - the boy of family friends who she feels funny dating because she can only think of him as a friend, not a date. The rambling she does when she's upset, including the bizarre ideas of how to take care of one judge whos being befriended by the Flamingoes (And who sees through their mean and nasty ways and ends up joining Stephanie's dance team.) But, given how Darcy knows all about the Flamingoes, is it realistic for her to join them even for a few minutes? Quitting Stepanie's group for a while, sure. But...I don't know. Maybe it's been too long since I was in sixth grade. Maybe girls do that. It just seemed a little unreal for her to give them the group's name for the Flamingoes to steal, and even their music. I mean, there were other acts Darcy could join, the show wasn't only them and the Flamingoes. Still, a really good book.