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Dude Of My Dreams

Stephanie meets a boy on a Spring Break trip to a dude ranch, and gets her first kiss. Of course, she's so excited about things that she keeps breaking rules and sneaking away to see him, and ignoring such things as Michelle's insistence that she help her learn lines for a play they're doing there.

By: Doug Fowler

Rating 9.5 / 10
An excellent portrayal of Stepahnie and of the others. Only Danny and the Tanner girls are in this one, but that's okay, there's so much excitement for Stephanie. By the way, while some episodes, like with Gia, are not canon for the book series, this leads nicely into the problem she has in "Michelle Rides Again," the first half of the series finale, where she tells Michelle she'll never forgive her for teasing her in front of a boy and telling him she liked him.

Generally, the TV series - such as that episode - is canon, of course. Unless the books override it. But, is it possible that the accident is canon for Michelle and not Stephanie? Maybe. But, it's just as likely that Andrew also lived in the right area to go to John Muir instead of DiMaggio. Given how Stephanie changes in the books since the eighth season - most of which take place in a mythical 9th - I would say it is canon for both, and that she learned her lesson about putting up with Michelle and forgiving her. It's not that they never argue, but she'd more understanding and willing to calm her self down.

The things Stephanie does with Gia, however, can't be. I doubt Steph would go joyriding with Allie, though I suppose she could. Danny probably never meets Gia's mom, either.