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Blue Ribbon Christmas

One of those that mostly focuses on Stephanie, without many appearances from other Full House characters. Stephanie is taking beginnning horseback riding lessons, a gift from Aunt Becky. She wants to try to jump, though - because of a few lessons a couple years ago, she is a little bit more advanced than the "little kids" who make up the rest of her class. So, she keeps bugging this instructor to let her jump, then when she doesn't feel like she'sdoing well enough tries to do it on her own, with just Allie there watching.

By: Doug Fowler

Rating 8 / 10
You really get a great picture of Stephanie character, and another instance where if you read between the lines there's more of the series mentioned than you think. (She keeps telling herself not to fall off the horse when she's about to make a jump.) But, horse riding just isn't as funny as cooking when you're doing it wrong