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Sun, Fun And Flamingoes


By: Doug Fowler

Rating 7 / 10
A great book, though it features almost solely Stephanie and her friends against the Flamingoes in the first Club Stephanie book, which series has now taken over for the Stephanie series. Her character is excellently written. She and friends battle the Flamingoes as they try to have a summer camp for kids at the community pool.

The minus I hate trilogies where you have to buy the next one, or even the next two, to find out what happened. This would be a 9 if I didn't mind the cliffhanger type ending, but you have to buy the 2nd to find out about the 2nd week of the kids' camp, as well as who gets the lifeguard boyfriend. Some people don't mind, but I'd rather have all my money in one book, even if it's a little longer..