25 years of Full House Forever

Exactly 25 years ago, on January 4, 1999, Full House Forever was founded. It started of as a fansite to share my fanfiction stories, but slowly grew to become one of the largest sites about Full House and -since 2016- Fuller House.

Over the years many people have contributed to the site by sharing their fanfiction stories, information on the show, or writing transcripts of episodes. Full House Forever couldn’t have been what it is today without those contributors, so to all of you who ever contributed: thank you!

During its run up till now, Full House Forever has seen some transformations, started as a Geocities website, I started coding the pages myself, learning something new with every step.

The current lay-out is in use for quite some years now and is getting a little bit outdated. So this year, the site will get a complete revamp. Below, you can find a small preview of what the new site in development looks like now. If you click it, a larger image will be loaded in a new window.

The first step of getting Full House Forever future proof, is a new layout, but after that is finished, more content will be either updated or added. Of course, all input for either updated or new content is always welcome.

Although the new website will go live in 2024, there’s no exact date to be given at this time.