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Two of A Kind & Full House
1998, Dutch Magazine

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made their first appearance on television when they were still wearing diapers. The twins, now twelve years old, played for nine years in turn the role of Michelle Tanner in the comedy 'Full House', with Bob Saget as the clumsy father. Since a short while the Olsen girls have their own tv-series in America: 'Two of a kind'.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen are at the age of twelve already on the top of a true empire in the USA. The twins are exploiting this popularity with their own books and video film series, known as 'The new adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley' and 'You're invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's'.

In Holland the blond crowd favourites are weekly to be seen as the lovely toddler Michelle Tanner, in America they can be admired together in their 'own' tv-farce 'Two of a kind'. The Olsen twins are playing more or less themselves, their characters are listening to the names 'Mary-Kate and Ashley. Mary-Kate plays a sporty tomboy, who's particularly engaged to perfect her throw, whereas Ashley excels at school, develops interests in boys and she starts turning into a young lady, complete with a little bit of make-up.

In 'Two of a kind' the girls are being raised (just like in Full House) by their dad, the chemical professor Kevin Burke (Christoffer Sieber) who handles everything with a scientific approach, which doesn't work restraining his daughters. To get some grip on his daughters, Kevin decides to hire a 'nanny'. He chooses the pretty student Carrie Moore (Sally Wheeler), whose obstinate, easy-going character especially appeals to the girls. Maybe Carrie can even bring some romance back into the Burke house….
Mary-Kate and Ashley lived the main part of their life in studio's and they probably have impressing bank accounts, but they live a very normal life, as they both say. 'If we don't have to work, we'll just go to school', the teenagers, who complement each other scaring faultless, say.
'And we have our own teacher at the set too, so we can do our homework there.'
Despite the money they 'acted' together, the girls get $ 7 allowance a week. 'In exchange for all kind of domestic tasks,' Ashley says.
And besides this, the twins also make some money at the set. 'When somebody uses bad language, it will cost him 5 or 10 dollars,' the girls tell smiling.

The girls still look like each other, although Ashley, who was born some minutes earlier than her sister, is a little bit taller.
When they were just babies, the girls, living in Los Angeles, were taken to studio's, to act in commercials. After this they got the role of Michelle tanner very quick. Mary-Kate was put in when Michelle had many lines, Ashley, who's more shy, played the more modest scenes. After this the young superstars took a comedy-break that lasted for 3 years., although they were to be seen in the movie 'It takes two' (with Kirstie Alley).