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Forever Uncle Jesse
1998, Dutch Magazine

Everybody, young or old, (in Holland) has seen all the episodes of Full House at least two times. The series are on a re-run again, but that doesn't mind, because that Uncle Jesse will be cute forever.

For eight years John Stamos was everybody's favorite uncle in the comdey 'Full House'. (And he didn't become one day older). The series were being aired from 1987 - 1995, but probably you can see it in the next century too on television. The stories was as follows: father Danny tanner stays after his wife dies alone with his three daughters, DJ, Stephanie and baby Michelle. But this changes when his brother-in-law Jesse and best friend Joey come to help him. Well, and that's gonna be a big mess! Uncle Jesse is the youngest men, and especially in the beginning a wild rocker with long hair (which nobody can touch), a leather jacket, guitar, motor cycle, and Elvis-tic. Finally he becomes a respectable family man, and he gets his own family with his wife Becky and his children Nicky and Alex, but in the beginning he's just a musician in his own band. All music John sings in the series has been wriiten by himself., for he's a singer and he writes his own songs besides acting. John even was a member of the old beachrockers the 'Beach Boys', and he's to be seen in their video for Kokomo. John can have most of his fame from Full House, his career already started way before that. When he was eighteen years old he got a role in 'General Hospital'. Two years later he got his own series, 'Dreams' and after this he playd in 'You again ?' for one season. Although he isn't to be seen on television or in cinema's (his last movie was Howard Stern's 'Private parts'), John's doing fine lately. He's been married 19 september 1998 with MTV-VJ and model 'Rebecca Romin', a dutch girl. And John has said before that he likes to have a bunch of kids like the Olsen twins one day, so he has work enough to do….