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FHF returns!
Almost 5 years after the last updates for the site, I have today made a few minor changes and more updates will follow this year.

The lack of updates was the result of changing interests and other activities that consumed a lot of my spare time. But after I started watching the show again, I realised that FHF should do honour to it's name and the site shouldn't end here.

There's still a lot to say about the show and it's stars, and new content will always be available. Therefor, I decided to try to update the site more often again, and not wait another 5 years.

Unfortunately, I today also noticed that the e-mail address used for this site had been disabled for quite some time, so a lot of suggestions that were sent the last couple of years, might be lost. I'm trying to see if I can recover some though.

To keep the site updated, I can always use suggestions of course. So feel free to e-mail them to contact [at] (you know the drill to make that into a working e-mail address, I guess) or visit our new forums (see link on top of the site).