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FHF e-mail issues
Yesterday I noticed that, unfortunately, the e-mailaddress for FHF was not working anymore. Some e-mails with content could be recoverd though.

In the past I received many e-mails with suggestions or additional content for the site. Unfortunately, I couldn't add all of this at the same time, so I kept it in an Outlook archive. When I bought a new computer with Office 2007 in 2009, I did nog longer have Outlook and I couldn't open the archives anymore.

I did keep those archives though, and using a computer that did have Outlook on it, I was able to access those e-mails I thought were lost again. Those go back to the end of 2008. All e-mails sent after 2008 I never received. Somehow the e-mail address for this site was disabled, so all e-mails sent to me the last couple of years could not get to my mailbox.

So if you have sent anything the last couple of years, I hereby apologize that the e-mails were never received and therefor never looked at.

Now I regained access to e-mails from 2004 till 2008, with content I didn't add yet, I'll take a look at those messages first, to see if the suggestions and sent content can be added to the site. And if you have suggestions or additional content, please feel free to send it, as the e-mail address (contact [at] is working again.