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Full House Forever gets a make-over!

After 5 years, I thought it was time to give the site a new, refreshing look. The previous version of the site was created in 2007, and slightly altered in february 2012.

My first aim after 5 years of hardly doing anything about the site, was to add some content. More new content will be added in the future, but now I thought the time was right to also give the site a new structur and look.

The menu that was on the top of the screen, is now located on the left, like it was before 2007. I also brought back the backfround filled with gray images of Full House to the side parts of the screen. The menus from the sections, if existing, are now located on the right.

The new lay-out gives me more possibilities to add new sections to the menu, and I think it looks better as well, which of course is one of the main reasons to chage the lay-out. I have been thinking about losing the frames and use other methodes to present the site, but for now I stuck with using frames. After all the content is most important, and this is, with my coding-knowledge, the best way for me to present that content at this moment.

As I said, I will add more content in the future, plus I will update some of the exisiting information on the site.

I hope you like FHF 7. Of course all comments, suggestions or bug reports are welcome. You can use the 'contact' link on top to share your thoughts and comments.