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Website development of Full House Forever

The last week I have spent a lot of my spare time in improving the website. I made some major changes that I think are worth mentioning, particularly about the lay-out and some new sections.

In April, I introduced the new lay-out for the site, making this version 7 of the website. With the new lay-out, I brought the Pictures section back, and added backgrounds to the menus, as well as a new color scheme for the site.

In the past, several older versions of the lay-out were still visible on some pages. The last few days I have spent a lot of time in changing that once and for all. For the first time in many years, all sections and all pages have the same lay-out. I think that looks a lot better than having a lot of different looks around the site.

There might be a few small bugs in the lay-out though, and some pages might need a little more tweaking, but those are minor fixes.

The Forum also got a new lay-out. It can still use some new members as well, so if you want to talk to other fans about Full House, go ahead and register.

For 13 years, this site has been ad-free, but now I felt it was time to add some advertisements to the site. So most pages now have Adsense banners. I think I found a good way in placing the ads in such a way that they are visible, but site usability is still high. After all, the content is the most important part of Full House Forever.

I have turned off all sensitive ad categories that I think don't fit the spirit of Full House. If you come across an ad that you think is unsuitable for this website, please send me a screenshot, so I can see if I can block it.

I also joined the Amazon affiliate program. On several pages you can find links to Amazon products or product categories.

New Sections
Another thing I worked on the last couple of days, are some new sections on the site. As many people ask me if there will ever be a Full House reunion, I added the Reunion section. There, all rumors about a possible Full House reunion and information about cast members reuniting are collected.

The Mistakes section is now back! It was placed under the Full House section before, but I think it deserves a place of its own in the main menu.

Another new section is the Cast section, which I split from the Character Guide. This makes it easier for you to find information about the cast members, although the content really needs some updating.

Domain names
This website can now also be found using the URL

What do these changes mean?
The changes I recently made ensure the future of this website. For 5 years there have been no updates at all, but I think it's important that this site keeps getting updates in the future.

Now the lay-out is done, it's easier for me to update the content, so the next months I expect to add more content and update existing information, although I won't be able to keep updating on an almost daily basis.

Of course, all help gathering information is more than welcome. So if you come across information about Full House or its stars, please contact me. All information is welcome and very much appreciated, although I might not always be able to respond to your email immediately.