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Jodie Sweetin in pilot for new show called 'Singled Out'

Added: September 22, 2012

Jodie Sweetin stars in the pilot for the show 'Singled Out', that revolves around 6 best friends, who are single for one reason or another and living in Los Angeles.

The show stars Mackenzie Astin (Iron Will, Facts of Life), David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight, Sushi Girl), Trish Doolan (April's Shower, The Bug in My Ear), Miracle Laurie (Doll House, Any Day Now), Tara Samuel (Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Ruby Booby) and Jodie Sweetin (Full House)

At this point, producers are raising money to help pay for the post production costs as well as a marketing campaign to pitch to multiple networks. Should one of the networks contract the show for a full season, it would mean that Jodie will be back on television.

You can find out more about this show here. or on the Facebook page for the show.