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The quiz section returns to Full House Forever!

Added: December 02, 2012

Recently I fot the feeling something was missing on Full House Forever. And suddenly I knew what it was: quizzes!

Until around 2005, there was a section on this website called 'Quiz & Fun'. Because it didn't fit in the direction I wanted to take the website back then, I took it offline. Now, after more than 7 years, the Quiz section returns to the website.

Right now you can test your Full House knowledge by answering some multiple choice questions or guess which character said a certain line. Over time more questions to these two quizzes will be added, as well as other types of quizzes and other trivia. So keep an eye on that section during future updates of the website.

Of course, if yoy have any additional questions that could be added to a quiz, feel free to use the contact form to send them.