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New shows for John Stamos

Added: March 24, 2013

I am Victor
John Stamos, who recently had a stint on 'The new Normal' is in talks to star in the pilot for a new NBS series, called I am Victor. In this pilot, he would play Victor Port, a divorce attorney who helps clients embrace their new lives. Being a serial adulterer who appears to have a happy marriage himself, Victor sets stern codes of behavior -- for his wife, his children, and his co-workers -- for everyone but himself. The drama pilot is based on Jo Nesbo's upcoming novel of the same name.

Necessary Roughness
Besides his role in this pilot, John will join de USA drama 'Necessary Roughness' for a season-long arc. He will play Connor McClane, the founder of a sports and entertainment management company-turned-global empire. A self-made man, Connor is eager to add Dr. Dani to his rooster of sports, entertainment, fashion and music stars in light of her success with TK.