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Lori Loughlin: no plans for a Full House reunion

Added: March 24, 2013

On March 22, Lori Loughlin joined HuffPost Live to talk about her time on the show. One of the things Lori talked about was her relationship with John Stamos. Although they never dated in real life, they had a great chemistry on the set. Lori says that if their timing had been better, by the time she got divorced, John married Rebecca Romijn, maybe something would have developed between them off screen.

Another subject that Lori talked about was the possibility of a Full House reunion. Lori said there are currently no plans for a Full House reunion that she knows about. She also thinks Full House should be left as it was, and doubts a Full House reunion would be worthwhile.

A few days before the Huffington Post interview, Lori said something similar in an interview with Ryan Seacrest: "I don't think it would be worth doing it." Adding, "sometimes with shows like old shows let them be and let them be remembered as they were don't try to bring them back because it can be a disappointment."