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Jodie Sweetin getting divorced for the third time

Added: July 13, 2013

Only a few months ago Jodie Sweetin announced that she and Morty Coyle married in secret last year. Like her first two marriages, this one unfortunately doesn't seem to last either, as Jodie has filed for legal separation from her husband. On June 24, the 31-year-old actress filed legal documents citing irreconcilable differences from husband Morty Coyle to be the reason for their divorce.

In the documents, Jodie asks for full custody over the couple's two-year-old daughter Beatrix. She's also asking the judge to award her their 2000 Toyota Avalon and to split the $200 Kohl's credit card balance between her and Morty.

A source told US Weekly that Jodie "seems in good spirits. She's sober still so she's in way better shape than last time. It's definitely true. I guess it's not working out."

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