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Full House musical in the making

Added: April 01, 2014

Last month, John Stamos confirmed there are plans for a Full House sequel. Instead of returning to television, Full House might come to a theatre near you, early 2015 as a musical! Although the news was scheduled to come out tomorrow, Full House Forever has the scoop already!

The initial idea comes from Bob Saget, who is used to performing on stage with his comedy show. When filming the Oikos commercial with John Stamos and Dave Coulier, he dropped the suggestion. Although he was joking at first, the men kept talking about the idea and adding more elements to Bob Sagets initial suggestion.

"A couple of days later we had some kind of an idea that we all liked," Dave Coulier told Full House Forever, "It's still premature, but John pulled some strings and it looks like our idea might be picked up," he added.

Although there's no information about the story the musical would tell, it's suggested that Jesse's career as a musician will play a big part in it. Several members of the former cast, amongst who the three men, Jodie Sweetin and Lori Loughlin, have already confirmed they would like to pick up their former roles. Candace Cameron Bure indicated she's still considering, while it's uncertain if one or both of the Olsen twins, who quit acting some time ago, might be tempted to revive the role of Michelle.

The above would of course be great news, but on a day like today... let's just share some Full House memories ;).