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Jodie Sweetin designs her own jewelry line

Added: September 26, 2015

Full House and Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin has made her own jewelry line. She teamed up with her friend, designer Erica Anenberg, to create the Carry The Message collection of bracelets and cuffs that feature mantras of hope, happiness and healing.

Jewelry by Jodie Sweetin

The pieces are available for purchase at, which stands for 'Jodie Sweeting for Erica Anenberg'. Most of the jewelry is rhodium of gold-plated and some have tiny diamond detailing. They are being sold for prices ranging from $ 68 to $ 160.

Jodie told PEOPLE about the inspiration behind the line, her favorite pieces and what her daughters Zoie and Beatrix think of her new accessories.

She says she always wanted to find some new and different ways to express her creativity and creating jewelry pieces that have messages that are important in her life would be a great way to do that. Jodie adds that she has always liked wearing accessories, but prefers simple pieces that are meaningful and special. The line she has designed, captures that for her and makes simple, elegant statements.

Not only Jodie herself, her daughters Zoie (7) and Beatrix (5) are also happy with mom's new venture. According to Jodie both girls are very girlie and love jewelry like this.

One of Jodies personal favorites is a bracelet that says 'We are not saints', which reminds her that wile she's trying to be the best person she can be, perfection is not demanded, nor expected.

You can read the full interview here.