Mistakes - Episode Mistakes

On the episode "Middle Age Crazy", near the end of Stephanie's imagination of how Danny, Jesse, and Joey pay attention to D.J. and Michelle, around the time Stephanie says "How rude!", you could easily see the wires that hold Stephanie up when she is flying.

In "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" Stephanie changes positions in scenes a few times. First, when Kimmy is talking to Stephanie, Stephanie is sitting facing the camera. Then when Steve comes in, she is suddenly sitting on the other side of the bed, facing away from the camera. And in the same episode, when the three girls come home, when Michelle is talking to Nicky and Alex, Stephanie is sitting on the arm of DJ's chair. Then when Becky leaves with the twins, the camera focusses on Jesse, and after that, Stephanie is suddenly sitting on the table next to the couch!!!!
In "Wrong-Way Tanner", when Jesse and Joey are playing music with Nicky and Alex, the twin in the yellow is next to Joey, and the twin in the red is next to Jesse. Then they turned the camera over to Jesse, and then back to the twins, and then the twin in the RED is standing next to Joey and the twin in the YELLOW is next to Jesse.
In "I'm Not D.J.", Stephanie is looking at her ears, her hair is pulled pack into a scrunchie. But when she goes downstairs to tell Danny, her hair has NO scrunchie in it.
In "I'm Not D.J.", when Michelle brings DJ into Michelle and Stephanie's room, Stephanie is standing in front of the mirror looking at her ears. But then they turn the camera over to Michelle and DJ, then back to her, and she is standing in the MIDDLE of the room!
In the teaser of "A Very Tanner Christmas", when Jesse is putting up the stockings, DJ's is on the right of Stephanie's. Then, they turned the camera over to Michelle, then back and suddenly DJ's stockings are on the left of Stephanie's.
In "The Perfect Couple", in one shot, Alex is standing next to Stephanie and Nicky is next to Michelle. Then they turned the camera over to Michelle, then back to the twins, and NICKY was standing next to Stephanie and ALEX was next to Michelle.
In the episode where Michelle, Aaron, Derek and Lisa form their own secret club, there is a scene where they jump up and down on the beds. Watch Michelle's left foot carefully. First, she wears two socks, and then one sock, then two, then she's wearing one sock again.
In the episode with the twin festival, In one shot Nicky and Alex are dressed like Elvis holding guitars, in the next shot they don't have guitars, and then out of no where they come back again.
Steph has to make a report and write about DJ and Steve's fights, when they don't fight Steph made up a note and put it in steves book, the blooper is, when they make a joke with steph, and steve tells : We can't get on with this, let's get married, when he finished his line steph blow out milk what she was drinking but the next shot the table was all clean, and when Steph gives Danny the towel, and he trows it back on the table , watch it! It will suddenly move to the other side of the table! Even Steph's Glasses moved!
In the episode "Stephanie's wild ride", the one Michelle is playing with her computer and Jesse, Joey and Danny are crazy about the game. When Stephanie gets home Michelle is sitting on the side of the couch, and when Steph closes the door Michelle is suddenly sitting in the middle!
The episode is about that the family celebrate christmas on an airport, because of a heavy snow storm. When they celebrate christmas eve on a cold airport, they went to sleep. The next morning Jesse turn on the light switch and started to say his line, but Stephanie started to early with her line and you can hear her say "It's... " When Jesse is finished it's her turn and she says "It's Christmas !"
The episode is about Stephanie who went to a Bee-party with Becky (who coudn't make it, so Joey went with her). In the intro Michelle build a building with toy blocks. The colors of the building were from top to bottom "Red, Green, Blue, Blue, yellow". When DJ entered the room and Michelle says" I can't reach it I'm too little" The colors were suddenly from top to bottom "Red, Green, Blue, RED!! ,Yellow" Then when DJ walks towards the tower and Michelle says "Be very careful" It suddenly change back into "Red, Green, Blue, BLUE !!!!, Yellow.
In the soccer episode, when Stephanie made a film about one day of the live of the Tanners. Mary-Kate plays Michelle on the soccerfield (she kicks with her left foot ), but when Danny practice in their garden with Michelle she suddenly kicked with her right foot. Later when the final is coming up and Michelle made the wrong goal she kicks with her left foot again.
In the episode where d.j's cousin steve comes to visit, d.j is talking to steve in michelle's room and says "steve how bout we go to the the mall tomorrow" then steve says" sorry i can't i'm busy" the d.j says "well then we can go tomorrow." not knowing that they said "tomorrow" twice.
This is in episode #60, " Bye, Bye Birdie ". When Danny first takes Michelle to preschool, he enters with his suit jacket unbuttoned. But then in the next shot, it is buttoned. Then it happens once again.
In the episode where all three guys parents come and the house is a mess in the first season jesse comes in with his shirt tucked in the as the scene plays on it is untucked then tucked back in a couple of times....watch it and you'll see.
In episode # 147 (Wrong-Way Tanner), Stephanie tapes embarrassing moments of people in the family. After taping Becky singing "Bad Boys" to Nicky and Alex, Stephanie says that the best part of the tape is a toss up between Becky's singing and Jesse's pep talk to his hair, implying that Stephanie had already taped Jesse, prior to Becky. However, when the tape is shown later in the episode, Becky's singing is on the tape BEFORE, not after, Jesse's pep talk.
In the episode where Stephanie is in the spelling contest, Michelle is also trying to learn how to read. In one scene, DJ is trying to help her by writing "Michelle" on the chalkboard....watch closely.... "Michelle" is written two different ways throughout this scene.
In the episode 'double trouble' michelle introduces herself to Teddy bullwinkle style but she already met him on the earlier episodes
In the episode with the dog show, during the dog show, they scene is Michelle with her hair in pigtails and her hair is CURLY. Then in the next scene, her hair is in pigtails and is STRAIGHT!! I think that that is when they swiched the twins during scenes.
In the Episode 'Fraternity Reunion, When Jesse walks into the kitchen and picks up one of Joey's flounder tarts and sticks it in his mouth he wants to spit it out....he walks over to the little recycling bins and the cans one opens up and then Jesse spits in Joey's oven mit. Then...he walks back over by Becky after she walks in with Nicky and Alex, hoping Jesse can explain to them what forgiveness means but then we catch a glimpse of the can's box and it's shut...and then a little bit later, we see it's open again.
In the episode where jesse gets interviewed by that lady for the Loan for his smash club, at the beggining When he gets the Mail that tells him the person who owned it before gave it to him, Becky says remeber last year when they had the big sellout(Something like that) but then when Danny is reading the letter it says its been closed for 2 years
In the first episode, when DJ 'moved' to the garage, Jesse tries to bribe her to get back to her own room. Then when she comes in the living room, JESSE tells her the deal is off, because his girl has gone, and she was part of the deal. Then at the end of the episode, DJ decides to go back to her old room, and DJ tells Jesse the deal is back on, and he even wants to pay her the promised money, but he was the one that broke the deal, not DJ.
In episode 28, Michelle is painting. At a moment, she Michelle touches Danny's trousers with a pencil with red paint. Danny starts cleaning his trousers immediately, but when you look good, you can see there is no paint at the trousers at all!
In the episode "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night",when Michelle and Stephanie were in the cabin after going back to release Gilbert(the bunny), Michelles hair was soaking wet and dripping down her face. Then they turned the camera over to Stephanie and when they turned it back to Michelle, her hair was dry and done.
In the beginning of the episode "Our very first telethon" Kimmy phoned DJ to tell her dad that she had her monocycle with her. But when DJ's phone rang, Kimmy was writing something and didn't touch her phone
In the episode whecca Rebecca wanted to jump from the bridge then she decided that Jesse will jump with her too and Jesse said that he's afraid of heights but its not true because at his wedding day he skydived !!! so how can he skydive if he's afraid of height?
Amazingly, after Jesse gets out of jail, and to the church on his wedding day, he is perfectly clean after he falls in the tomatoes.
In the episode when Stephanie and DJ made the hole in Danny's room, when they were painting the hole there was paint and a newspaper but when Danny came in this was all gone.
In the episode where Jesse tries to prove to becky that they can manage another baby, At night, they say ALEX has a fever, but the next morning, Danny askes if NICKY is feeling better, and jesse replies,"he's still sick."
In episode 176, Claire and Present Danger, when the Tanners, and Gia and her mom are at the smash club Michelle comes in a sundress but then goes into the bathroom and changes into a leather jacket and skirt with her hair painted green and acts like a punk. Danny tells her to change her clothes and she goes to the bathroom and comes out perfectly normal in SECONDS! With the spray in her hair it would take a shower for her to be back to normal. I think they switched twins to do this.
In one episode, Jesse is watching Becky on Wake Up San Francisco, and he says to Joey that Becky's gonna let him know on the show wether he has a date with her tonight. Then Jesse says she's gonna give me one wink for yes, and two for no. Then, Becky says Jesse, and gives two blinks. Then Jesse says hot dog Jospeh a double wink, chill that champagne pal. If she blinked twice, doesn't that mean not to date ?
In episode #45, Tanner Island, If you look closely behind Joey when he sees the Girl in the water and hugs her but nobody is their, you will be able to see a building in the backround. (and if they couldn't find shelter they could have just stayed there)
In the episode where Danny meets Vicky's mum, Vicky is introducing Liz to everybody and when Jesse shakes her hand he calls her Judy.
the episode when they met Minnie, she ran out of uncle jesse's room into michelles and knocked over the blocks and she said "youd better fix those" and in the next scene the blocks were back up but in a different order
In the second episode where Jesse has to watch the girls on the first night he moves in, Stephanie puts her head down after Jesse tells her he doesn't want to tell a bedtime story and one of her barettes is out of her hair. Then all of the sudden it is back in again.
In the episode where Stephanie starts Kindergarten, DJ says she was firiends with Kimmy since Kindergarten. Years later when DJ forgot Kimmy's birthday, Danny says you've been friends with Kimmy for six years. Kimmy and DJ were 16 in that episode, not 11.
In the episode where michelle starts preschool and lets the bird fly out of the cage, when michelle was crowned a princess for sharing and danny is talking to her, if you look carefully one second the crown fits her and sits on her head nicely, the next minute the crown is too big and it falls over her ears.
In the episode "Stephanie's Wild Ride", Michelle is playing a video game. The system she is playing it on is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but the controller she is playing with was made for the original Nintendo Entertainment System and is not compatible with any other system. Also, later on in frustration, Michelle goes over to the game box and yanks the game cartridge out. This is not possible because you have to push a button down for the game to be released from the system. Pulling it out like Michelle did would break the system.
In the Yankee doodle play episode in the 6th season, Derek tries out for the part of Yankee Doodle asking for the key of E. However, during the performance, he sings in the key of F.
When Becky is about to have the babies (Happy Birthday Babies Part I), at the beginning of the first part, there is 2 hours and 29 minutes to go until Michelle's party. Then at the end of the show (at least 20 minutes later), there is only 2 hrs. and 13 minutes until her party. Wouldn't more time have gone by then that?
In the episode when the twins are brought home from the hospital in the 5th season, when Jesse switches their booties and mixes them up, look at Jesse in the scene in the kitchen when he's talking to the twins as they sit in their seats on the table. During this scene, his appearance changes. One shot, his hair is messy and he has sideburns-2 seconds later, his hair is fixed and brushed differently than it was and his sideburns are shaved-yet 2 more seconds later, it's messy again and the sideburns returned. In his next scene and all the rest he has in that episode, his hair is messy and the sideburns are there. By the next episode, the one where Danny is bachelor of the month, his hair is brushed like I mentioned above and the sideburns are gone.
In the episode in the 8th season when Michelle buys the donkey with her lemonade money, listen carefully in the background in the scene when Shorty wakes them all up. I think it's either Jesse or Becky who says "Say goodnight" and then everyone says "Goodnight" and Jesse, Becky and the boys start to head back upstairs. If you listen real closely in the background, you can hear Dave Coulier say "Goodnight, JOHN".
In the Hawaii episode in the 3rd season in the last scene when they are about to go onstage and they are trying to get Jesse to sing. They are pushing him out onstage and I think it's Jodie Sweetin who mouths (you have to read lips) "Come on, John". If it's not her, it's Candace Cameron I think
When the family goes to Disney land,and Samantha and Jesse come home from playing tennis they close the door. But when they sit down on the steps the door is open. Then its shut again. This continues many times.
At the beginning of the 7th season, Steve moves in to his own apartment. In the episode where Steve and DJ break up, Steve says he is going home for dinner because his mother told him not to be late.
In "Bye Bye Birdie", Jesse tells Danny the story of how he accidentally killed the class fish when he was a kid, and to this day couldn't eat sushi. But in "Is it true about Stephanie?" the whole family eats sushi, Jesse included.
In "Beach Boy Bingo", DJ wins tickets to a Beach Boys concert. But before she calls, nobody on the radio announces the phone number.
In Episode #80 (Danny In Charge) Jesse and Joey go to the woods to film a fox. But when you look close to the 'foxhole'you can see that at the end there is light, so it's just a tunnel, and foxholes never have two exits...
In the episode where Becky and Jesse are married and she tells him about what a good idea it would be to live in Danny's attic, instead of her house, md way through the episode, when its breakfast time and Danny brings a plate full of pancakes to the table, Michelle takes the whole plate, pours syrup all over the pancakes, looks at the others and says, "You better make some more. These people look hungry." But when Jesse enters the kitchen and the camera focuses on Michelle , the pancakes have no syrup over them, and if I'm not mistaken, the pile looks smaller.
The episode where Wake up San Francisco is filming in a horse barn, DJ and Kimmy buy a horse- at the end of the episode where DJ has brought the horse home and uncle Jesse and Joey are in the living room with it, one minute the horse is on the rug, the next shot it isn't. It is standing on the hardwood floor.
In episode 33, when the grandfather goes into Michelle's room, he closes the door, but when he turns around and leaves the door is already open.
In "We got the beat" when stephanie is on stage, she is wearing a silver mini skirt, but when she is in Jesse's office sitting on the couch, she is in hip-huggers (jeans) but when she stands up again, she's now in the mini skirt, and when she sits down again, she's once again in hip huggers.
Episode 49 when Granny Tanny comes to visit. Uncle Jesse is tucking Michelle in after putting her in the sweet spot. As Michelle is shown close up there is a dark blue pillow like the ones he put on the floor under her head..then a second later its back to light blue then back to dark and once again back to light.
In the episode where Vicki's mom redoes the girls room there is only one window, but in the other episodes with the different wallpaper there are three windows.
In the episode "The producer" Danny was jealous of Becky, for she became the new producer of "Wake up San Francisco", and Kimmy said, that he has been much longer in the show than her. But they started with the show at the same time.
In the episode "Subterranean Graduation Blues" Jesse was talking about the success of Nicky and Alex, as they complete the Elvis jigsaw puzzle and put in the last piece, the left sideburn of Elvis. But the left sideburn was not even on the puzzle.
In the episode "The Seven Month Itch (Part 1)" the Tanners can't fly to Disney World, but the plane couldn't start, because of too much fog. But we could see outside, that there was totally clear weather.