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New design for Full House Forever

Added: April 01, 2013

Exactly one year after the last lay-out of the site was introduced, it has been changed again. In 2012, Full House Forever was reactivated, after there hadn't been any updates for 5 years. The most important aim was to get more content, so the lay out that was created then was mostly meant to expand the amount of sections on the website, to present all information better.

As stated a year ago, one of my wishes was to lose the frameset that was used for many years to load the site. Frames are kind of old-fashioned and there are some downsides with using them. Therefore I have now dropped the frames and made the move to PHP. Without getting technical, that means all information is loaded into one page instead of several.

So, what has been changed? First, the site is now smaller and centered on the page. I did this because I got some comments from people with larger screens that the site was too stretched the way it was. Also, the new site should fit better on tablet screens (it worked when I tested it).

Some other advantages of the new site are:

* It's now easier to share a single page. Before, the entire section of the site was shared, now you can link directly to any page. This will also allow me to make more and better internal links on the site. * It's easier to share any page on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest; * The site is better prepared for the future, as it's easier to add new features; * Submenu's are now integrated in the main menu for every section, which should improve navigation on the site; * Before advertisements were places on different places throughout the site, now they are on the same locations everywhere. Also, there's no longer advertising banners within text.

I'm also planning on replacing some of the old texts on the website and of course there will be more new and updated content in the future. Also, there might be some small tweaks to the lay-out of course.

I hope you enjoy the new version of Full House Forever. If you have any comments, or if you encounter any bugs, links not working, etcetera, please contact me, so I can fix it.