Quiz - Multiple Choice Answers


Below are the answers to the multiple choice questions about Full House. click here to go back to the questions.
1. How many episodes have been made?
a. 192

2. What was the name Michelle wanted to give the dog when the family kept a puppy?
b. Michelle

3. How did Pam die?
c. In a car accident involving a drunk driver

4. What is the name of Stephanie's Japanese friend in the first series?
b. Harry Takayama

5. What happened when Michelle turned 5 years old?
b. Nicky and Alex were born

6. Who has created Full House?
a. Jeff Franklin

7. What time was DJ born?
c. 3:48 AM

8. Where does DJ have lunch on her first day at junior high school?
c. In a phone booth

9. What trick can Comet do?
a. Play basketball

10. Which band didn't Jesse play in?
a. Hot Jesse and the munkey puppets

11. What is DJ's full name?
b. Donna Jo

12. Where did Joey not have his room?

13. How does Joey call his father?
b.Colonel Gladstone

14. What did Stephanie use to pay back Gia when she had told a rumour?
c. She put Gia's report card on a message board at school

15. What was Jesse's nickname when he was young?
a. Dr. Dare

16. Which of those girls was not one of Danny's girlfriends on the show?
b. Roxy

17. In how many episodes did the Olsen twins play together?
a. 4

18. What is the Address of the house?
c. 1882 Girard Street

19. What's the name of Jesse and Joey's radio show?
a. Rush hour Renegades

20. What is the catchphrase of Kimmy's boyfriend Duane?
b. Whatever

21. What is the name of Jesse's teacher that started his lessons with the words 'Read any good books lately?'
c. Mr. Pearson

22. Stephanie gets her ears pierced under the pressure of two girls. One of them is called Jennifer, what's the name of the other girl?
b. Jennifer

23. What's the name of Joey's co-host that drives him crazy in his kids show 'Ranger Joe'?
c. Jungle Jenny

24. Who teaches Michelle how to ride her bicycle?
a. Joey

25. What's the name of the hotel the family sleeps when they are in Las vegas ?
b. Alibaba Hotel and Casino

26. When Jesse and Joey are making their radio show from the house, Joey comes in hurt. What was he doing when he got injured?
b. He was roller blading

27. What's the name of Nicky and Alex' friend in season 6?
a. Cooper

28. Danny's sister Wendy has a monkey, what's the name of this animal?
a. Ginger

29. When they get stuck in the subway, a poster of 'Wake up San Francisco' attracts the attention of the family, what's so special about the picture on this poster?
c. Danny is having a moustache

30. When Stephanie cleaned Joey's car, she gives something to Steve with a high value, what is it ?
b. A baseball card

31. What does Becky miss on the first christmas episode with the twins?
c. Snow

32. When Jesse gets his diploma's, Kimmy watches the twins. What goes wrong?
c. The twins are putting everything they can under paint

33. Which of following names is not a middle name of one of Danny's daughters?
a. Louise

34. On a spelling contest, Stephanie drops out, spelling which word wrong?
b. Mnemonic

35. When DJ comes back from Spain, Stephanie and Michelle get into a plane, where do they think it's flying to?
c. Oakland

36. Once, Danny and Joey got locked up in jail dressed up like women, what did they do?
b. They tried to steal their fraternity seal back

37. What's the name of the partner Danny gets on Joey's show 'The perfect couple'?

38. One of DJ's first jobs is as assistant of a photographer, dressed like a clown she has to make the children laugh. One of the children demands something from her. What does he want her to do?
a. Walk like a duck

39. When becky gets promoted over Danny, Danny is upset, what's his main reason?
b. They heard about the promotion when Michelle was there

40. At Jesse and Rebecca's wedding, Michelle can be the flower girl, what goes wrong?
a. There are not enough flowers