Quiz - Who Said This? Questions

This quiz is as simple as it sounds. Below you find some quotes from Full House. Do you know who said those lines? Click here for the answers.

1 "Why is there a butterball on my head ?" (Episode 10 'The Miracle Of Thanksgiving')

2 "Our little Michelle is growing up" (Episode 38 'Baby Love')

3 " Red light. We have a rule in this house. "Never walk away angry." (Episode 27 'Jingle Hell', 2nd time)

4 "I'm just gonna call this number my self and just see what it is." (Episode 137 'Silence Is Not Golden')

5 "We thought you were dating Mongo" (Episode 175 'On The Road Again')

6 "That's what it says on my underpants" (Episode 185 'Dateless In San Francisco')

7 "Please, no pictures, my hair is a mess" (Episode 86 'The wedding (1)')

8 "Yes, she's that Denise too" (Episode 30 'Tripple date')

9 "I swallow one fork" (Episode 180 'DJ's Choice')

10 "Hey, you were only a year old, i hardly knew you" (Episode 25 'It's Not My Job')

11 "We can't fire you, you quit!" (Episode 186 'We Got The Beat')

12 "No, this isn't for homework" (Episode 66 'Three Men And Another baby')

13 "Now, this is a foot" (Episode 128 'The Play's The Thing')

14 "I would do it for you" (Episode 91 'Joey Goes Hollywood')

15 "I'm being confused all day" (Episode 17 'Danny's First Date')

16 "The is the most terrifying shower scene since Psycho" (Episode 3 'The First Day Of School')

17 "Old enough to carry a shuffle" (Episode 191 'Michelle Rides Again (1)')

18 "You are so selfish" (Episode 169 'Comet's Excellent Adventure')

19 "Adios, hit the road, Joey" (Episode 11 'Joey's Place')

20 "Can I wait in the car ?" (Episode 115 'Yours, Mine, And Ours')