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Characters on Fuller House

Fuller House has both old and new characters compared to Full House. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy, now all grown up, are the heart of the new show, with several other Tanner family members we know from the original show, making guest appearances. New characters are D.J.'s sons Jackson, Max and Tommy, Kimmy's daughter Ramona and several recurring characters.

DJ Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron)
DJ is a widowed mom, with two kids and a third on its way. She is a veterinarian.

Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin)
Stephanie is DJ's younger sister. She moves in to help raising DJ's children, after their father died. She is aspiring a career in music.
According to Jodie Sweetin, Stephanie is kind of the black sheep of the family: "She has been sort of a bon vivant wild child out living her life, traveling the world. As far as Stephanie's relationship with DJ, I think that they have not talked for a little while. So she comes back to kind of be in support of DJ, and they're sort of readjusting to their life".

Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber)
Kimmy is DJ's best friend. She moves in to help DJ raising her sons after their father died.

Jackson Fuller (Michael Campion)
JD is DJ's 12/13-year-old son, described as a "ladies' man" with three girlfriends. He worshiped his dad and is having a difficult time coping with the loss, which results in him acting out. JD is a musician and rides bikes, just like his [Great] Uncle Jesse.

Max Fuller (Elias Harger)
Max is D.J.'s 6/7-year-old son who seems to take after "Grandpa Danny" in that he's got O.C.D. like whoa. He takes tremendous pride in keeping his room tidy, his shirt tucked in and has already mastered the art of hospital corners. A tech geek who also lacks rhythm, Max looks up to his older brother and is constantly seeking his approval.

Tommy Fuller jr. (Dashiell & Fox Messitt)
Tommy is D.J.'s youngest child, named after his deceased father.

Ramona Gibbler (Soni Nicole Bringas)
Ramona is Kimmy's 12/13-year-old daughter. Though she's bi-racial, Ramona fully embraces her Latina heritage, and considers living with the "white-bread Tanners" to be "totally lame." She's described as being smart, but not into school. Instead, her interests include boys, fashion, being cool, social media and taking pics every second of every day.

Tommy Fuller
Tommy is DJ's deceased husband and the father of JD and Max. He was a fireman.