Fuller House Episodes

On February 26, 2016, the first season of Fuller House became available for streaming on Netflix. This season has 13 episodes, that are available for registered Netflix users. On this page you find more information on the Fuller House episodes.

Season 1

01 * Our very First Show, Again
The Tanner and Katsopolis families reunite for the final time before the family home is sold. However, when they realize that newly-widowed D.J. is struggling to cope with the demands of raising three boys and holding down a full-time job as a veterinarian, Stephanie and Kimmy offer to move in with her.

02 * Moving Day
Ramona and Kimmy move into the Tanner-Fuller house. D.J. rearranges the bedrooms so Ramona does not have to live in a closet that was converted into a bedroom. Jackson is dissatisfied that he is losing his room and cannot accept the fact that he has to move in with his younger brother, Max. After Stephanie tells Jackson about a similar encounter that happened between her and his mother when they were little girls, revealing that D.J. secretly ran away by moving her bedroom into the garage, Jackson decides to flee as well by hiding in great Uncle Jesse's car as he drives down to Los Angeles. During their first 'family meeting', D.J. assures Jackson that he will get accustomed to sharing a bedroom with Max the same way she and Stephanie did.

03 * Funner House
Stephanie and Kimmy decide to take D.J. on a girls' night out where they have an unwanted reunion with Kimmy's husband, Fernando. Meanwhile, Joey takes away the kids' electronics, and instead has the kids involved in some mischievous, messy fun.

04 * The Not-So-Great Escape
Ramona is upset about moving schools and convinces Jackson to help her escape. However, when Jackson is caught purposefully causing the fire alarm to go off and Ramona is caught escaping, both are suspended from school for three days. D.J. punishes Jackson and disagrees with Kimmy's lack of authoritative parenting style so D.J. convinces Kimmy to punish Ramona as well. Meanwhile, Stephanie is left to monitor the vet clinic and she and Max have an unfortunate encounter with a skunk.

05 * Mad Max
When an old friend whisks her away for a concert and after-hours fun, Stephanie realizes just how much her nephews mean to her. Meanwhile, Kimmy finds D.J. a date and Ramona babysits Tommy, which includes a botched attempt she makes in disposing Tommy's diaper. It is revealed that Stephanie cannot have children.

06 * The Legend Of El Explosivo
D.J. punishes Jackson, causing him to miss his favorite Mexican wrestling league, Lucha Kaboom. But that only leads to more action for the fans.

07 * Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party
Steve tries setting up D.J.'s handsome coworker with Kimmy, and Ramona's much-anticipated 13th birthday party doesn't turn out as planned for anyone.

08 * Secrets, Lies And Firetrucks
When Max learns to lie, he also learns that lies can backfire. Meanwhile, the ladies of the house fall in love with secrets.

09 * War Of The Roses
When a thousand roses are delivered to the house, D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie try to figure out which one of their admirers sent it. Meanwhile, the new family dog begins to hoard items from the house, including the note that was delivered with the flowers.

10 * A Giant Leap
Things get out of hand when Stephanie's new boyfriend, Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants, invites everyone to one of his baseball games. Stephanie is revealed to the "mystery blond" who appears to be the source of Hunter's worsening batting streak. Realizing she cannot handle the pressure of dating a famous athlete, she dumps him in front of the stadium. Max tries to catch a foul ball for show-and-tell at school. D.J. reluctantly kisses Matt for the kiss cam only hours after kissing Steve at the house. Jackson uses Dr. Harmon's credit card to buy for an autographed baseball shirt for Lola.

11 * Partnerships In The Night
Dr. Harmon is retiring from the pet clinic, leaving D.J. convinced that she will be taking over the business soon. Kimmy, who is planning the doctor's retirement party, hires Stephanie as a partner to help her with the workload. Ramona and Jackson borrow $50 from Max after downloading a virus-infected pirated movie and are at Max's mercy until the loan is paid off.

12 * Save The Dates
D.J. has a date with her past that catches her off guard, and Kimmy's date with Fernando is nothing but surprises. In the end, Fernando signs the divorce papers, only to repropose to Kimmy. She happily accepts.

13 * Love is In The Air
When Jesse and Becky return to renew their vows, Kimmy and Fernando join in on the wedding. A bachelorette party leads to trouble for D.J., who has to decide between Matt and Steve once and for all. When Kimmy sees how sad Ramona is having to leave the Fuller house, she gets cold feet. In the end she chooses to stay engaged to Fernando, but not marry him, so that she and Ramona can stay with the Fullers. D.J. makes a decision, she decides to choose herself, feeling as though she is not prepared to fully commit to someone yet. The girls gladly celebrate the "she-wolf pack" being back and greater than ever.

Season 2

14 * Welcome Back
DJ finally decides between Matt and Steve, but they throw her a curveball before her annual back-to-school barbecue. A homeless Fernando moves in, and Max is worried about what the world will become.

15 * Mom Interference
Jackson decides to join the football team to impress Lola much to DJ's dismay. Matt and Steve bring their new girlfriends, Crystal and CJ respectively, to game night at the Fuller house and Stephanie realizes she likes Kimmy's brother, Jimmy and they give the relationship a shot.

16 * Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss
Ramona feels like she needs to have her first kiss already, leading her to kiss Popko. Afterward, she develops feelings for him and is crushed to learn he has a girlfriend. DJ and Stephanie crash a wedding for a girls' night out.

17 * Curse of Tanner Manor
On Halloween, Jackson and Ramona decide to abandon their parents to go to a haunted house where Jimmy and Stephanie (working there as zombies) decide to teach them a lesson. Max's friend Taylor becomes his enemy when he blogs negatively about the Fuller house's Halloweens and DJ throws a party to impress Taylor while Kimmy and Fernando dress up as Lucy and Ricky and the former is upset when she is cut out of Fernando's planned performance at the party.

18 * Doggy Daddy
Matt and DJ operate on Cosmo, who was accidentally fed corn by Max, making Max wonder if he's good enough to care for the dog. Ramona has an audition for a major dance coach and must clear away Max's new chickens, three babies, and her parents. Matt breaks up with Crystal and begins dating DJ.

19 * Fuller Thanksgiving
DJ wants Thanksgiving to be perfect for her family as well as Danny, Jesse, Becky, and the Katsopolis twins who are visiting; however, she is overwhelmed when Joey, his wife, and their four kids join in on the festivities. Meanwhile Becky wants to adopt a baby while Jesse is highly opposed and elsewhere, Danny undergoes a mid-life crisis.

20 * Girl Talk
Stephanie reunites with Gia when they attempt to get the band, "Girl Talk" back together and DJ and Gia still despise each other. Popko and his girlfriend break up and he advances on Ramona, who rejects him and makes him decide to make a vengeaful humiliating video of her.

21 * A Tangled Web
Stephanie writes a song for Jimmy, which he intends to make viral by creating a music video. DJ meets Taylor's father and is more determined than ever for Max to beat Taylor on a school project. Jackson and Ramona pet-sit Lola's tarantula, Spot and things go awry when Spot climbs out of his tank.

22 * Glazed & Confused
Stephanie, Kimmy, and Fernando go to Los Angeles, the former to perform her new song on Danny and Becky's show, Kimmy to sneak her way into the spotlight, and Fernando to see the set of his favorite show. A woman from the adoption agency meets with Jesse and Becky to determine the legitimacy of their parenting skills. Joey brings doughnuts to the Fuller house, making everyone sick and ruining DJ and Matt's weekend away.

23 * New Kids in the House
Kimmy buys concert tickets for New Kids on the Block for DJ's 39th birthday, but when she and Stephanie discover that the tickets are counterfeit, they attempt to make it up to DJ by bringing the band to the house. Meanwhile all Fernando, Matt, Steve, and Max believe that each of their birthday presents for DJ outrank the others.

24 * DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion
DJ and Kimmy reunite with old flames and enemies at their high school reunion leading DJ to wonder if she still has feelings for Steve, who reveals his intentions to proposing to CJ. Jackson creates a fake report card to make it appear he is a straight-A student later telling Stephanie he feels like he's the only family member that isn't special.

25 * Nutcrackers
Lola is upset that Ramona's performance of the mouse king in "The Nutcracker" will interfere with her attending Lola's Christmas Eve party. Max is happily introduced to CJ's daughter, Rose, both of whom are smitten with each other. Jimmy tells Stephanie he loves her and only after a talk with DJ does she realize she loves him too.

26 * Happy New Year Baby
Stephanie is forced to tell Jimmy of her infertility when he reveals his dreams of having kids with her. Steve asks for DJ's help proposing to CJ, while DJ herself waits for Matt for the New Years Eve party. When Jackson cooks up a scheme to rid himself, Ramona, Lola, and Popko of Max, Max and Rose work to get revenge. Also, Jesse names Joey the godfather of his and Becky's new adopted daughter, an argument between the two and Danny emerges while DJ reveals to Kimmy and Stephanie that when she had decided between Matt and Steve, she had picked Steve but is now happy with Matt and with Steve's new engagement to CJ.