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Bob Saget recreates a Full House scene he messed up and writes a book

Added: May 09, 2013

On May 3rd, Bob Saget was a guest on Conan O'brien's show. During this interview, Bob talked about a scene he kept messing up on Full House, and he gave it another try. He also talked about a book he's writing on his life.

Messed up scene
In the final scene from the season 1 episode 'The seven-month itch (1)', Jesse has packed his stuff and left the house. The next morning, Danny finds a note on Jesse's pillow. After he read it, DJ and Stephanie walk in. Danny was supposed to end the scene with the line 'Uncle Jesse ran away from home', but he couldn't say that without laughing.

In the actual episode, the line Bob Saget couldn't say, was spoken by Dave Coulier's character Joey Gladstone. A script from this episode is available here.

On Conan, Bob wanted to give the line another shot and do the scene right this time, after all these years. Finally, using his current style of humor, he succeeded.

You can watch the clip from Conan below.

On the same show, Bob talked about a book he's writing about his life. Conan said he hoped for some scandalous facts from behind the scenes of Full House. In reply to this question, Bob told a story about an episode where they had a donkey on the set.

The story is not all suitable for kids, but if you want to know more, watch the video below.