Cast - Bob Saget

Name:Bob Saget
Character:Danny Tanner
Full Name:Robert Lane Saget
Born:May 17, 1956
Philadelphia, USA
Parents:No known information
Siblings:At least 1 sister, who died from Scleroma
Relationship:Sherri kramer (1982-1997, divorced)
Children:Aubrey (Daughter)
Lara (Daughter)
Jenny (Daughter)
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Where is he now?
(People magazine, 2000)
Full House was wholesome; Bob Saget often wasn't. "I was always getting in trouble with the girl's' moms because I would say terrible things that weren't exactly kid appropriate," says Saget, 44, a stand-up comedian turned TV dad.
His Full House daughter Candace Cameron Bure got the jokes. "I kind of played dumb," she says. "It was fun to hear those things, but I didn't want the adults to know that I totally understood."
Saget, who lives in L.A. and shares custody of his three daughters with ex-wife Sherri Kramer-Saget, 43, is honing his adult material. In 1998, he directed the Norm MacDonald movie Dirty Work, and he has been refreshing his stand-up routine.
The comic in him pokes fun at Full House. "I always thought my character was gay." says Saget. "He lived with two guys in San Francisco and dust-busted all the time. He sure didn't date enough for my taste. I kept asking, 'When is he going to get the girl?'