Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

Stephanie was always trying to read DJ's diary on Full House. She knew where her sister kept the diary and how to open it.

The idea of writing down her thoughts in a diary, could have come from DJ's mother, Pam Tanner. One could imagine Pam giving DJ her first diary, to write down the things she was thinking or dreaming about.

Pam herself would have kept a diary when she was younger. Years after her death, Danny or one of the girls could have found it in a box with stuff that belonged to Pam. By reading the diary the girls, get a glimpse of their mother's thoughts and who she was.

Below you can find some fragments of the diary of Pam Tanner. These diary entries are written by fans of the series, and give you too an idea of who Pam Tanner was, plus some insight in life before Full House.

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Date Submitted by Date Submitted by
October 18, 1966 Doug Fowler February 19, 1983 Doug Fowler
April 19, 1967 Doug Fowler June 23, 1983 Doug Fowler
August 10, 1972 Martin van Dam November 20, 1983 Amanda
January 23, 1973 Martin van Dam December 19, 1983 Doug Fowler
December 16, 1974 Martin van Dam December 20, 1984 Megan
July 9, 1976 Martin van Dam April 23, 1986 Doug Fowler
August 16, 1976 Doug Fowler May 30, 1986 Doug Fowler
May 24, 1977 Martin van Dam August 23, 1986 Doug Fowler
October 13, 1978 Martin van Dam November 28, 1986 Martin van Dam
July 9, 1979 Amanda December 9, 1986 Doug Fowler
June 5, 1981 Martin van Dam December 19, 1986 Amanda
June 18, 1981 Doug Fowler January 19, 1987 * NEW * Rhianna
February 19, 1982 Martin van Dam March 13, 1987 (By Danny) Martin van Dam