Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

April 19, 1967

Dear Diary,

I got all A's and B's my last report card. That's why I haven't written. I was very busy the last couple grading periods. Third grade was harder then I thought. I got lots of C's my first 9 weeks. I was upset. Mom and Dad didn't mind. They said it was great because I was a year ahead of my class. I wanted to go back for a second. Then I remembered how bored I was. Dad said stick to it, I'll get better. And, I did.

I want to be the best, Diary. And, I don't like C's. But, Mom told me that it was good I got C's once. She said when I have kids they might not all be as smart as I am. And, I needed to learn it's okay to not get all A's. As long as they do their best.

I hadn't thought of that. But, I think Mom's right. I just wish my little brother knew Mom and Dad were right sometimes. Little Hermes sprained his ankle bad and had to go tot he hospital. He was swinging like Tarzan and slipped. They tell him all the time to be careful. Dad says he's a rebel. Mom says he's a future stunt man. I don't know which he is. I just love to have fun with him. Even when I got C's last time, I knew I was a great big sister!

Wow, look how much I write! Hope you weren't bored with it.