Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

January 23, 1973

Dear diary,

Today I had so much fun. Well, after this morning. First I had to do that awfull test at school. Mrs. Potter really gave us a hard time with that. She asked questions that I didn't even know that they could be asked. When we told her we didn't like the questions, she answered us with the words: 'Try to use your brains once.'

Maybe that's a good idea for her to do in future. I saw Tim Franko sweating all the time. And usualy he thinks he's so cool! Well, except this time then. But I think I passed this test anyway, I studied hard for it. Poor Danny. He wanted to go skating last week, but I had to tell him I couldn't every time. Then Joey, his best friend, agreed to go with him. Like I said, poor Danny. Joey plays ice-hockey and is very good. Then he asked if Danny wanted to race on the skating track, and Danny agreed. He lost, so he had to carry Joey's bag for the next day. Man, what he puts in there! A teacher complimented Joey on bringing all his books to school, but in fact he was carrying all his comics. He always explains that by saying that he has to keep the intellectual spirit alive. Oh, he can be so funny.

This afternoon was so much better than this morning. It had been snowing all night and the garden was so white, so beatiful. But of course, as usual, brothers can spoil the moments you're enjoying the sight. Jesse came back from school, ran into the garden and started throwing snowballs against the windows. He also threw one, just when dad opened the window and yelled 'Stop this, Jesse!' Well, it was bulls-eye! Straight in the face, and Jesse is grounded for the next week now. And then Danny came by. I wasn't at home, I was helping mom with the groceries, and when I came home Danny had made a big snow man. He even used my dad's hat. When dad had to go, he was searching for it, and he started to panic. Well, diary, you know how he is. Withou a hat in the cold ? No way, that will spoil his hair, he thinks.

Okay, dear diary, I'm going to bed now,

See you tomorrow...