Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

December 16, 1974

Dear diary,

Today was my 16th birthday. I believe that's a magical border I just crossed. At least that's what some of my friends told me. My parents set up a huge birthday party for me. They asked Joey to take care of the music. My god, I didn't know he had such a good ear and feeling for music. And of course, Danny was here too. He bought me this great book about flowers. He knows I love flowers, and I really love this book.

Jesse had a very original present for me. He bought Elvis curlers. If I couldn't use them, he could, he said. I think that's one part of the education mom and dad gave him that worked out. But I hope he won't become an Elvis-maniac later on in his life, and he is an Elvis impersonator when he's 30!

Mom asked me if I had planned the rest of my life. I told her I hadn't. She told me that she already knew what she wanted to do when she was older when she had my age. She wanted to get married, have kids and become a famous actress. I think that shows that dreams don't always come true.

No, I know what I want to do. I want to marry Danny some day, have a bunch of kids and just be a good mother. I think I can menace this dreams. But first I want to have my driver's license. Last year Danny had to drive me al the time. But that's only because he's one year and 15 days older than me.

Did I tell you about his birthday two weeks ago, diary ? I'm not sure. So I will tel you now. I came by earlie in the morning, just like I arranged with his mother. It was about six o clock, when I sneaked into his room, stand next to his bed, and started singing loud. He didn't expect that and one moment he was a sleep and the other moment he was sitting in his bed with a scared look in his eyes. I took him half an hour to get over it and he could speak again.

I'm glad he didn't do that to me this morning, I would have screamed at him, asked him if he was crazy or something. I had this feeling, that Jesse wanted to do something like that to me, so I locked his door yesterday night. And I was right, this morning I heard him screaming that he wanted to get out of his room, because he had to wake me. Then dad walked to his room, and told him to be silent. Then he walked to his own bed and locked the door again. I think that's very funny, because when Jesse locked my door once, dad was very angry with him.

I feel like I could talk for hours dear diary, about this great day, about all the presents I got. But I believe the time has come to turn off the light. I believe I heard Jesse down the hall, and last week he also saw me writing to you. He laughed at me that whole week. But I ended it easily, just by hiding his favorite cam.

I will be back tomorrow, have pleasant dreams.