Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

July 9, 1976

Dear diary,

My life seems to be in the fast lane. Last month Danny and I married. What a chaos! My father thought I was too young, but my mother knew I had found true love. She thinks Danny is so cute. Well, I'm only sixteen and a half now, and I know Danny for about ten years, or maybe more, and we are dating for about four years now.

But this morning I discovered something. I already wrote that I didn't feel well lately. Well, I now know why. The doctor told me I'm expecting a baby. I told my mother and she thinks it's cute. My father said I'm too young and Danny said:' a baby' And he kept on repeating that for about six hours.

Jesse immediately asked how I became pregnant, my parents told him not to ask those questions, he would know if he was ready for it. But Joey was here at our house and he started a very funny story. I was laughing so hard that I can't repeat what he said, just because it would make me laugh again.

So this means two parts of my dreams have come true. One, I got married, and two, I'm expecting a baby. I hope it's a girl. I know how boys can be, I know Jesse, and that's bad. Nah seriously, I don't care what it is, as long as it's healthy and not having Danny's nose.

Well, tomorrow I'm going on a holiday together with Danny. We're going to Texas. He has an aunt there and she needed somebody to take care of her house when she's gone to New York. I think it's great to be away from everything here. Just Danny and me, wonderfull. And when we are back, in three weeks, I think we have to start looking for a house. We really want to live together. For ever.

Let's see what time brings us, dear diary. Good or bad times ? Well, I will keep you up with that.

Good night.