Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

August 16, 1976

Dear Diary,

Thought I'd write in you since I'm in bed here with some morning sickness. That term makes Danny nervous, so I like to say it something just to bug him :-) We can both get a little excitable, but he's more the nervous excitable type, while I'm the happy excitable type, if that makes any sense.

I think one reason is becasue of Jesse. As you know, we were both so anxious after that prom to get our lives started that we eloped. And, Jesse beat him up; which is pretty tough considering Danny was on the wrestling team. However, as Danny gets ready for his "big 2-0" in just about four months, Jesse's a rather tough guy at thirteen, and I suspect my "Steel String Bean" didn't really give his all in that fight. So, in a way, I can see how he did it, even though Danny's 6 foot 4.

Anyway, Jesse's finally over that, and now he might be finding some direction in his life. Why? Well, it seems that some Friday night recently, he won't say when in case I'd blurt it out to DAd, he snuck into the Smash Club. You know, that place with all the young bands? Yes, at thirteen, Jesse Katsopolis managed to get in and fell in love with rock and roll. He was already big into music, don't get me wrong, but he announced that he wants to go into it full time now.

Dad's glad he has something to focus on, Jesse was one of those rebellious kids who didn't have any purpose for a while, like some teens get to be at that age. But, Dad's also hoping it's just a phase to "get him through adolescence." I hope so, too. Even if Danny and I have a boy in, say, 1980, he wouldn't be 20 and ready to take over Dad's business till the year 2000. That seems like forever and a day away. I think Dad could hold on that long, but I don't know how much longer, and even then he'd be 65 and ready to retire. Then again, Papouli's in great health over in Greece, and his dad before him is still alive at age 84. So, I tell Dad not to worry, as long as we have a son things will be fine. But, I really love girls, too. Maybe we can have twins someday.

I better put this away, if Danny sees this about twins he'd really freak.