Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

May 24, 1977

Dear diary,

Today it's exactly one month ago Donna Jo Margaret was born. It's my first little girl, and I already adore her. So does Danny. He found a job as sport reporter at the local network, and as soon as he gets home, it's 'hi honey'. But he doesn't mean me, but the kid. But I think it's sweet the way he treats her.

I believe the birth of my child also affected Jesse. Last week he came home with a stuffed animal. I never saw this special look he has when he's with DJ, the abreviation of Donna Jo, before. I have to admit, he looks sweet when he's with her.

My parents are also proud, though my dad keeps on teling me the next one must be a boy, so he can take his grand son fishing some day. When I asked him why girls can't do that, he told me girls don't like to hold the bate and put it on the angle. That's not like Jesse was. Dad never took him out fishing, because he liked the bate too much, he ate it!

But having a baby also means a loss of freedom. I can't do all the things I used to do, like going to the movies with danny, because I have to arrange some baby-sitter. Joey offered to do it, but I don't think so. Last time he had to doggy-sit his neighbours' dog and he sat it! That means, he sat on it. Fortunately the dog survived.

But I'm sure Wendy, Danny's sister, or one of the grand parents loves to baby-sit the little girl.

Dear diary, I believe some little creature is calling me right now, so I guess I just quit writing for today. But I will be back soon.


Pam (a 17 year old mother)