Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

October 13, 1978

Dear diary,

Today we were really scared. DJ almost swallowed a spoon. If it wasn't for Danny's uncle Fred, who saw it on time. Danny kept thanking him for the rest of the day. That means 13 hours and 28 minutes, his uncle told him.

We also found a new house to live in. 1882 Gerard Street. It's such a beautiful place. We got the mortgage we wanted and now the house is practically ours. It does need some painting to do, but when we're finished it will be adorable.

Jesse also offered to help out, but the last time he helped my dad paint the house, Jesse painted it black. This color 'lives', he said. Well, Jesse lived. My dad chased him for about half an hour, untill he couldn't find Jesse anymore. Later I found out he had been hiding with his girlfriend, but I don't know her name anymore. That's because he has a new chick every week.

But beside the worrying story about Donna Jo, there was something funny too. Danny couldn't find his shoe today. I found it in DJ's room, when I wanted to put her in her bed for her nap. She was using it as a hat, when she was crawling... backwards!

Well, speaking about a nap, I could use one. It seems I write less every day, huh, dear diary. Maybe that's because I have so many things to do since the child is born.