Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

July 9, 1979

Dear Diary,

What a hot summer day! I asked Danny to bring out the sprinkler so D.J could run through it (she loves running through the sprinkler.) but he refused. He said "Now, you really want me to get the sprinkler out and turn our backyard into a mud pit?" Oh, Diary...when will Danny learn that cleanliness isn't the world?

Jesse came over today to bring D.J some presents (I swear, he loves kids, he just doesn't show it.) D.J loves her Uncle Jesse, she's SO close to saying his name right. Right now it sounds like "Gungcle Jesskee" She's working on it though...step by step.

Dinner was so nice tonight. We brought D.J over to Joey's place so we could have a night at home, just the two of us. Danny has been working on his culinary skills, and I have to admit diary, they've gotten better. When I first started dating Danny, he made me this awful turkey and paste thing. I think he called it "Turkey In A Boot" Hehe...but tonight, he made some pasta, meatballs, and he actually went out and spent $75 on champagne. Sometimes I think he spoils me...other times I think he doesn't spoil me enough.

Danny just yelled from downstairs. He just came back from the bakery with the chocolate cake I wanted. Oh how I just LOVE chocolate cake, diary! Sorry, but entries don't compete with cake...sorry!