Pam's Corner - Pam's Diary Highlights

June 5, 1981

Dear diary,

Sorry for not wrirting for almost three years. But the little one took all my attention, and my life got sort of the same every day. To be honest with you, I only write because I found you in a closet. Figure that. Pam Caroline Tanner-Katsopolis, who forgets about her own diary. Kind of ironic for somebody who had that thing since she was five years old. Only back then I made drawings of everything that happened.

It has been a very hot day today. And it isn't even summer yet. Danny and I took the little one to the beach. Jesse was jealous, he also wanted to come with us, but he's ill, so he had to stay inside all day long. Danny took some pictures of DJ and me on the beach. But he has been standing in the same position for too long, and he forgot to take of his shirt. So now Danny is having a T-shirt burned on his skin, and his arms and legs are as red as the roses he gave me on my birthday last year.

You see, dear diary, I don't write much anymore. And when I write again, it's almost nothing. But there's one thing that you have to know. The doctor said I'm going to have another baby. I heard it last Friday. I'm almost two months pregant now. So, after more than 5 years, another child will be born next year in our family.

I stop writing now. Danny's calling me. I have to put some sunscreen on his back, he sais. But it's a little late for that now I guess. I better take some of that stuff that gets the burn out of it.

Bye, dear diary, I won't forget you this time,